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Hotel Sales in the Era of COVID-19!

  We've been talking to planners about contracts, negotiations and the new meeting styles, but what about Hotel Sales Managers?  Yes, there are ways to fill rooms out there!  Just a chance to get creative!

Welcome to the Virtual World!

  We've been webinar'd and Zoom-meetinged to death!  I just completed a Virtual Golf Tournament!  We had the golfers submit their own scorecards, so it was amazing how talented everyone is when they are asked to be honest on their own scorecard!  Luckily, it was for a high-profile scholarship cause, so the sponsors did not rescind their contributions, and we netted over $250,000!  

Sales Managers and Planner "To-Do" List While Hunkering

Well, I've washed my hands so much I'm wearing out my fingerprints!  I think I found the remnants of a Walt Disney World hand-stamp from 1972!  Since we are all wearing at least two hats in our jobs, I thought I'd add some reminders on how to succeed during a very strange time.

Meeting Planning in a Battered Business Climate

Well, it's April 1, and we have had quite an interesting first quarter!  We went from one of the forecasted best years ever in the meetings, golf and tradeshow business to what could be the worst year, ever.  Even when you consider WWII, September 11 and the Great Recession, there has never been anything like the past month or so.  As a contracted meeting planner, many of my hotel contacts are furloughed, my clients are working out of their homes, if they are working at all, and at least the first half of the year has been decimated by cancellations and "date-changes."

Introducing CONTACT Planning, Inc….. or….“Meeting Planning, From the Hotel Side….”

Welcome to our new website and Blog! And in case you have not worked with us before, Welcome to CONTACT Planning!


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