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Introducing CONTACT Planning, Inc….. or….“Meeting  Planning, From the Hotel Side….”

Introducing CONTACT Planning, Inc….. or….“Meeting Planning, From the Hotel Side….”

Welcome to our new website and Blog!  And in case you have not worked with us before, Welcome to CONTACT Planning!  

You’ll find we’re a bit different from the other site selection companies and third parties… we are all former senior hotel Sales Managers and Directors, and we help planners do their jobs better, write better contracts, negotiate stronger deals and take care of their attendees.

What you may not know is that we also teach Hotel Sales Managers how to be better operators in the hospitality industry.  We teach them selling and customer service skills that will help them advance their careers.  Among several transfers around the country with Hyatt Hotels, I was the Director of Sales for the Hyatt National Sales Office in Omaha, and personally trained hundreds of sales managers in Sales, Service, Delivery and Follow-up… the essential skills of a successful sales manager.

In this Blog, we will feature materials both for planners and hotel managers… as always, feel free to “borrow” whatever you like!  There are no membership fees, user fees, or any payment of any kind.  If you need anything, from a Prospecting download, a customer service training session or a site-inspection checklist, we probably have it in our library and we will be happy to send whatever you need.

Finally, if there’s anything we can do for anyone reading this blog, whether you need a meeting booked,  your planners trained, a contract negotiated or basically anything in the meetings and hotel business, please call or write.  We find we are constantly recommended and referred to new clients from our current contacts, so if you know someone who may need some help, please let us know…..

Interestingly, just today, we received a request from a client for our Convention Budget Spreadsheet.  We sent it directly out to the client, but I thought it’d be great to send it out to the planning public as well… we will add content and attachments to this blog on an ongoing basis….

Please write back if there is anything we can do for you…..Hoping you have an exceptional 2020!