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Welcome to the Virtual World!

  We've been webinar'd and Zoom-meetinged to death!  I just completed a Virtual Golf Tournament!  We had the golfers submit their own scorecards, so it was amazing how talented everyone is when they are asked to be honest on their own scorecard!  Luckily, it was for a high-profile scholarship cause, so the sponsors did not rescind their contributions, and we netted over $250,000!  

The Democrat and Republican Conventions are virtual this year, and one of my long-term clients, Pampered Chef, just completed a virtual Sales Rally that had over 25,000 people in attendance.

The point is that virtual meetings are going to be a part of the business for probably another 12-18 months at the minimum, so get used to them!  Realize that everything you can accomplish in person can be done online, we just need to be more creative.  You've already read and seen WAY too much about virtual meetings, but here's some very basic reminders that everyone may know, but people seldom do correctly:

--   When the meeting starts at 10am, if you log on at 9:58am, you will be late!  Log on at least 10 minutes before start time, so you can watch and listen to everyone else trying to log on!

--   If you have a large group, be sure to schedule a Tech Check and rehearsal for 1 hour prior to the start time-- even with highly technical attendees, it sometimes takes 3-4 tries to get everyone on the meeting.

--   There are hundreds of meeting platforms out there:  test your to make sure it works with company firewalls, personal computers, laptops, tablets, I-Phones, Androids and other devices - ALSO check devices that are 2-3 years old, just to make sure everything works correctly.

--   When you are not speaking, Mute yourself-- it's amazing how loud a keyboard clacking, coffee sipping and other noises (yes, all those noises too...!)  can be in a meeting

--   Check your camera background-- if you have anything controversial, edgy, sloppy, disorganized, remember that the image the attendees see may be all they will know about you until we go back to F2F.  You can also use the formatted backgrounds that are available with most platforms.

--   While your on the meeting, practice looking at the camera, not the screen - I actually rehearse that and imagine I'm an on-the-scene reporter (OK, that's a little silly, maybe, but it works!)  Check your sound levels and speak clearly.

Again, what we have now is the way it will stay for a while.... we are doing a lot of great work in sponsorship sales for virtual events, so just because it's virtual, it doesn't mean you can't impart value to the attendees and make money for your group or company.  Call or write if you'd like us to help! 

Stay safe and healthy out there!


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