CONTACT Planning Sponsorship Sales will help you leverage your time, generate increased revenue and allow you to focus on your event’s content and attendees.

In-person and virtual events represent powerful marketing opportunities for sponsors. The need for a profitable sponsorship program is critical for show organizers, exhibitors and event planners.  A robust sponsorship sales program increases revenue, offsets event costs and enhances the attendee experience.

Grow your sponsorship program by partnering with the CONTACT Planning Sponsorship Sales team – we can help you effectively acquire and manage the right sponsors at the optimal pricing level.

CONTACT Planning Sponsorship Sales offers turnkey solutions to sponsorship and expo sales management with a full suite of services including consultation, sales execution and sponsor services.

CONTACT Planning will design and deliver Sponsorship Sales programs for Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows and Client Events, including golf tournaments, team building and custom designed client activities.

Our Sponsorship Sales program specializes in:


FOUR reasons to entrust your sponsorship sales to Contact Planning Sponsorship:

In today’s business climate, companies and associations are faced with shrinking budgets and staff.  Meeting professionals are required to wear multiple hats and run with limited resources;  by assigning your sponsorship sales to CONTACT, you’ll see:

  • Gain an experienced team focused on your sponsorship and expo sales
  • Get fresh ideas for lead generation and increased sales
  • Free up your event staff time for other initiatives
  • Because we work on a project basis, you’ll have a professional sales team, but save the overhead of salaries, benefits and office-space needed by an in-house sales department. 

How does Sponsorship Sales work with CONTACT Planning?  First, we’ll schedule an intro call to get acquainted, discuss your current program and discuss ways to grow it.   For pricing, we’ll typically discuss a start-up fee and a minimal retainer for the time required for your sales effort.  There is no payroll, benefits, expenses or taxes paid by the client; our gross sales will include a reasonable commission, so our income is performance based.  We’ll ask you to supply a current list of sponsors and if possible, a list of potential sponsors for your group and we will do the rest.  We’ll research and solicit your industry partners for event sponsorships and tradeshow booth sales. Finally, working with you and your Accounting team, we will assist the invoicing and collections process for your sponsorship program.

You will receive a complete sales report, a sponsor revenue report and a check for the entire sponsorship program.   After all our solicitation, closing, upselling and reporting efforts, we normally realize a cost of sales in the 25% range, so your organization will realize a 75% profit.

Interested in hearing more?  We’d be happy to schedule an intro call and extend a free consultation, customized to your group. 

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